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Jim has settled in well at Sandylee and is very much his home. The staff are very supportive and friendly and his needs are being met in a way that suit him. We've developed a great relationship with the support workers at Sandylee - they are flexible, approachable and always willing to listen to our suggestions.

Andy & Deb Roberts, Jim's parents

I am very pleased with the service. The staff are excellent both with Alan and myself. Thank You!

Susan Udale, Alan’s sister

It’s fantastic to see all the care support that is given to Susan and we couldn’t ask for anything more – we’re so happy as a family!

Julie Stockhall, Susan’s sister

I am extremely pleased with the service my son receives. The staff are very hands-on and cater for his needs without being too serious at time where a sense of humour is needed.

Maureen Jackson, Colin’s Mum